College DAO - Squad Leader Application

General Info

Name or Username: College DAO

Location or Timezone: Eastern Time

Spoken Languages: English

Preferred Communication Channel (Telegram, Discord, Email, etc):

Interest in speaking on a Squad Leader Discord Event: Yes

Reason for wanting to Lead a Squad: We are looking to encourage higher education and the university blockchain ecosystem to get more involved in contributing to blockchain infrastructure. We hope to help students and universities learn more about node operations, get hands-on practice, upskill, and provide opportunities for students to dive deeper into new innovations such as DVT.

Staking Setup

Previous Experience with Staking / DevOps / Hardware Infrastructure: We have run technical workshops and walkthroughs with university blockchain clubs in our network, and have helped students spin up validators on the Holesky testnet.

Hardware (or cloud infrastructure) I plan to run my Obol DV on:
Our setup depends on the specific club and university we partner with, as universities might be able to open up their data centers to run validators. Otherwise there are some other options we are exploring such as:

  • Home Staking/Hardware Grants: Dappnode
  • Cloud: Digital Ocean, Vultr, Google Cloud

Currently a Techne Credential Holder (Yes/No): No